Chicago Marathon - Marathon #10

Rewind back to this time last year, entering the ballot for the Chicago Marathon (one of the world majors) seemed like an excellent idea. I couldn't believe it come December when I secured a place - it was like my Christmas present to myself. Of course my training intentions were honourable at the time - I was going to train hard, run fast and smash some new running goals along the way. The reality however, was very different and I found myself boarding a flight to Chicago three days before my tenth marathon with only a fraction of the milage planned under my belt and the bare minimum of training coupled with a mind weighed down with doubt and worry about how the race would unfold. On the Friday morning, myself and my aunt made our way out to the Expo thanks to the free buses they had put on. It was my first time in one of those trademark yellow american school buses so that in itself was Bucket List territory. The expo itself was pretty easy to navigate and work around. After

I didn't come this far, only to come this far!

When the going gets tough...!

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