Run Streak - Days 31 to 40

As I entered the final quarter of the Run Streak (Days 1 - 20 here, Days 21 - 30 here), I hit a stumbling block, I hurt my calf. It had started to twinge of the previous few runs but I didn't pay it much attention... big mistake! 

Day 31: The Renville Park 5K - Wednesday 25th June
Myself and Brad took park in the Renville Park 5K. My time wasn't great but I'm blaming that on how bloody humid it was (and the flies!)

Day 32: The Crampy Calf One - Thursday 26th June
With a still leg, I surprised myself with running this 5K especially in the time. I had to keep my leg straight while I ran as otherwise the muscle tightened. Wasn't ideal but I was a week off completing the Run Streak so was going to try anything

Day 33: The Renville Run - Friday 27th June
A 6:45am run before catching the Ferry to the Aran Islands. My run was interrupted by a woman who had lost her dog so I ran keeping an eye out in every field/house/bush for the little pup but no sign :(

Day 34: The Repeat Renville Run - Saturday 28th June
Fresh off the boat from Aran, I got home, laced up and headed out for my run! With the finish line in sight, I was starting to run through the niggley calf without paying much notice

Day 35: The Same Old Same - Sunday 29th June
A late run (9pm) as the heat is starting to take its toll. An afternoon on the couch watching movies helped energise the run!

Day 36: The Last Monday - Monday 30th June
As it was my brothers birthday, I got out for a run before work so I could spend the evening eating cake :)

Day 37: The Post Dinner Run - Tuesday 1st July
A friend unexpectedly called after work which delayed my run. I ended up having a big pasta dinner which I can't tell the food helped or slowed me down.

Day 38: The Renville Run (yet again!) - Wednesday 2nd July
So close to the finish really started fueling me on. Its always hard to think of the finish line when you start but days like this always remind me of the following quote: 'Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.'

Day 39: The Second Last Run - Thursday 3rd July
A post work nippy 5K, I was so excited to get home just to take this picture. Every one of the photos I have take have been straight after I finished the run. 

Day 40: The Finish Line - Friday 4th July
BOOM! A 7am run to finish the Run Streak off as I was Killarney bound for the Ring of Kerry straight after work. 

40 Days.
40 Runs. 
144 Miles Covered.
19 Hours Running.


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