What 6 st / 84lbs / 38kg looks like...

I got my 12th Silver 7 in Weight Watchers this week... meaning I'm 84lbs (38kg) down since I started in WW back at the end of August last year. That got me wondering what 6st actually looks like... First off, here is what it doesnt look like on me :) Here is a before (taken at the Galway Races last year) versus today:

So, what weighs 6st? I'm finding it hard to visualise to after a little google, I have discovered the following things weigh the exact same as what I have lost in weight:

  • A 12 year old child (source here):

  • Half of David Beckham (who weighs 77KG):

  • 8 Adult Male Bichon's (at 7 - 12lbs each):

  • This Model (who weighs 84lbs):

  • A New Born Calf (weights 70-100lbs - so 85lbs on average):

  • 15 x 15'' Mac Book Pro's (which weigh 5.6lbs each):

  • This fish (source here):

Wow! Even I'm impressed. I'd love to try on one of those suits bringing me back up to my starting weight just to see what it feels like to carry that around again. Even for an hour.


  1. Only saw this post now - and I gotta say, wow dude! The before and afters really help to clarify the difference, don't they?

    1. Can't believe it! It's only when I put photos side by side that I can never remember being the 'before' size at all... The camera never lies though (DAMMIT!)

  2. You should go to the races again this year with that photo and celebrate! :-)

    1. I plan on going to the races again regardless... It seems my favourite hobby is throwing away money at donkeys :)

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