Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Review & Goals for May

I had set myself two goals for April:

Goal 1:
  • Top March's figures:
    • Run for longer than 9 hours
    • Run further than 91K
    • Obtain a better average pace (5m 55s/km) 
Goal 2:
  • Run 15K in a single run

Here is how I did:


While I didn't run for longer than 9 hours (clocked 8h 28m), I ran further and faster than the previous month therefore beating the goal I had set myself to run further than 91K at a better pace than 5m 55s/km. I clocked 92K over 12 runs (Average Run: 7.6K) as opposed to 91K over 16 runs (Average: 5.7K).

You'll also notice my Monday-Wednesdays looking very bare in there but that is because I have been going to bootcamp on Mondays & Wednesdays which has covered my two cross-training days each week.

Also, last Saturday I reached my 2nd goal for the month - Run 15K in a single run.

Overall I feel absolutely amazing like nothing can stop me now :) I ran 5K on Tuesday in 24m 34s which was my new 5K Personal Best. I am also 10lbs lighter going into May than I was starting off April. Win win!

So... What is my goal for May?

My #1 priority goal is to run the Clare Burren Half Marathon at the end of the month which I am signed up for and excited for despite having never run 21K before in my life. But hey, it's a new month so a new challenge :)

Goal 1:
  • Complete my first Half Marathon in 2 hours (give or take a few minutes)

Goal 2:
  • Top April's figures:
    • Run for 10 hours
    • Run 100K
    • Obtain a better average pace (5m 32s/km) 

If I apply my SMARTER goal setting strategy to May, I get the following:

  • Specific - Run further, longer and faster than April (as specified above) and finish the Half Marathon
  • Measurable - Use the Nike Running App
  • Attainable - Of course it is :) Think Positive
  • Realistic - Between the Galway 5K (4 in May) & the Half, along with my training runs - it is!
  • Time-sensitive - 31 days (May)
  • Evaluation - Aim for 25k / week (2 hrs 30 mins commitment a week)
  • Reward - New Running Shoes (my Green Shrek ones have seen some milage at this stage)

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