Out with the old...

Last Monday (Bank Holiday), I found myself clearing out the wardrobe as it was getting to the point where the doors wouldn't close. Since starting my weight-loss journey, I've had to buy loads of new clothes (I'm not complaining!). New work clothes, new casual clothes and best of all... new exercise clothes. The result of all this new buying lead to a wardrobe full to the brim with a mishmash of clothes in different sizes.

One of my shirts

My work shirts have gone from 17.5in collar to 15in. My casual shirts have gone from XXL to M. My jeans have gone from 38in to 34in (although I still have my butty 29in legs). I found myself putting clothes in the 'to keep' pile for no other reason other than the memories associated with times when I wore it. That was why I had to be cruel and ruthless. Clothes don't hold any memory and keeping them around for that sake only is stupid as they remind me of the where I've come from (weight wise). I don't want them hanging around just in case.

August 2012 vs May 2013 in the same jumper

I did try on some of my clothes just to see the difference. Ignore the crazy hair/PJs etc I have on in the May photo as it was a Bank Holiday morning and I was busy at work cleaning. Hard to believe there is over 80lbs of a difference between the two photos. Between stopping to try on clothes and sifting through shelves and shelves of hoodies, shirts, jumpers etc, this was the final payload of clothes I was getting rid of.

My supervisor was paying close attention to what I was getting rid of

On Friday, I filled FIVE black plastic bags and went to the Galway Simon Community with them. The guy working there couldn't have been happier to see. He was saying that they have a big demand for mens clothes but so rarely get them, so I was happy to leave my 5 bags of clothes and my entire old wardrobe with him. 

It's such a great feeling not only to now have a tidy less full wardrobe, but also to feel like my clothes will go some way to helping fund-raise for a local charity. The Galway Simon Comminity (website here) have been providing services for homeless people in Co. Galway since 1979. Even if they make €100 from all my clothes, it's €100 more than they had before I cleared out my wardrobe - and it cost me nothing but my time to sort out my wardrobe.

My clothes that are too big for me


  1. What a difference, I knew rob had lost a lot and it showed but wow, you really look different, well done, you both have encouraged me to continue my life changes xx

    1. Thanks Lynda :) Its all the little steps that add up - so keep on trucking :)


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