Ice Cream - Pro Pointed

Seen as the sun is out, I was curious of the pro-points in different ice creams so I went looking them up to help me make wise choices while standing over the freezer in my local shop as opposed to regretting that Almond Magnum when I get home :)

99's (with Cone - No Flake)
  • Small: 4 pps
  • Medium: 5 pps
  • Large: 6 pps
From the Freezer:
  • Mini Twister: 1 pp
  • Ribena Ice Lolly: 1 pp
  • Mini Milk: 1 pp
  • Twister: 2 pps
  • Orange/Super Split: 2 pps
  • Del Monte Smoothie Lolly: 2 pps
  • Fruit Pastilles Ice Lolly: 2 pps
  • Loop the Loop: 2 pps
  • Skinny cow: 2 pps
  • Solero Exotic: 3 pps
  • Orange Calippo: 3 pps
  • Mars Ice Cream Bar: 4 pps
  • Malteaser Icecream Bar: 4 pps
  • Toffee Crisp Icecream Bar: 4 pps
  • Wibbly Wobbly Wonder: 4 pps
  • Dark Choc Ice: 4 pps
  • Mint Cornetto: 5 pps
  • Iceberger: 5 pps
  • Milk Choc Ice: 5 pps
  • Dairy Milk Caramel Cone: 5 pps
  • Mini Magnum: 5 pps
  • Cornetto Enigma: 5 pps
  • Cream Egg Ice Cream: 5 pps
  • Dairy Milk Button Cone: 5 pps
  • Strawberry Cornetto: 5 pps
  • Maxi Twist: 5 pps
  • Cornetto Enigma Cookie: 5 pps
  • Smartie Cone: 5 pps
  • Brunch: 6 pps
  • Classic Cornetto: 6 pps
  • Snickers Icecream Bar: 6 pps
  • Magnum White: 7 pps
  • Magnum Classic: 7 pps
  • Cadbury Flake Cone: 7 pps
  • Magnum Almond: 7 pps
  • Feast: 8 pps
  • Galaxy Caramel Ice Cream: 8 pps

So don't sweat the ice-cream decisions you make while the sun is shining!

My winner out of all these has to be the Tangle Twister for 2 pps or the Ribena Ice Lolly for 1 pp (I have only seen the Ribena Ice Lolly's in Tesco/Dunnes in multipacks).


  1. Thanks for this.. Im off to Portugal on Tuesday so i foresee ice cream in my future and uve saved me the hassle of propointing! Also, ive never commented on ur blog before although i read it all the time And i just want to say u look incredible and are a serious inspiration! Congrats

    1. Thanks Lisa :) Really appreciate the comment! Enjoy your holiers - I'm jealous. Heading off to Portugal myself in July so I too will be on the look out for Tangle Twisters and Super Splits. Have a great hol!

  2. Hi John, Caoimhe here from WW, just to say what an inspirational blog. I love your SMART goals, I've never seen goals laid out so well before despite having seen the 'smart' method loads of times. Did you know two ribena lollies are counted as one point? Better again! Hugs, C

    1. Hi Caoimhe! OMG - I didn't know what about the Ribena lollies! That has just made my day! :) I love when multipliers work out in your favour, hate when they don't like 2 slices of bread (5pp).

      I have to say the way I am doing the SMART goals is working for me as I can dip in and check where I am in terms of it at any point in the month. For example, today is the 10th June and I know I have already clocked up 35K running - leaving me on target for 50K by the 15th. My favourite part of the whole SMART thing is the Reward at the end :)

  3. Thank you for an interesting read and for the pp of ice lollies. Very strange as when I go back to the home page I cannot find the ice lolly list again! How would I get to it from the home page? and are there any other lists of foods? Thanks again.

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