What limits you?

I found this today and it really made me think about things and stuff and more things:
What limits you? It is important to think about. What people, places, things cause you to pause and reconsider the validity of who you are and where you are going?

When we understand the obstacles, only then are we able to address them, take stock of them, and eventually move them or ourselves in such a way as to continue on our path.

Do not be fooled however, to believe obstacles have no purpose. In fact, they serve as much a purpose as the ease and flow of a restful pace, and perhaps more so. In these limitations we come to not only understand how we view the world, but ourselves. We address our doubts and our shortcomings and either rise above or do not.

When we choose (and it is a choice) to follow our our dreams, our path, our vision of who we are and where we are going to go then do everything in our power to overcome the limitations before us, we become more than expected. Not only what others may expect, but more importantly what we ourselves expected. In doing so, we grow stronger, bolder, braver, and confident.

So, as you face whatever limitations are in front of you, do not see them as a stopping point, a point of failure. See them instead as moment of practice or training. Then do everything you must in order to get around, go over, move through, etc. For there will come a time in the future when another calls out at a very similar spot and you will be able to aid them, show them a way, or at the very least encourage them from a most truthful position of understanding

In the end, this is life. We search. We quest. We find limitations. We overcome. We move forward. We aid. We falter. We discover more limitations. We learn. We over come. We become stronger. We teach. And again we search. This is life, and a beautiful one at that.

Dream limitless. Think limitless. Be limitless. Live this life to the fullest of your beauty and I guarantee you, the life you look back upon when your days have come to a close will be ones you claim with a confident heart were very good and worthwhile.
(Source: Blu on Facebook)

I know what obstacles lie in front of me but yet I choose to ignore them? I really need to take the finger out and remind myself that anything can and does happen. I have surprised myself so much already by taking control of what & how I eat and pushing my body to do more than its ever done before (i.e. running & bootcamp etc). I need to apply this same level of self-belief in other areas of my life. But for now, I'll dance it off with the lovely Ellie Goulding.


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