Do you carry RoadID?

There is one piece of running kit that I never leave home without and no, it's no my phone, it's my RoadID wristband. I bought it back when I started running based on Sean from Amphibian King's advice. What if you were in an accident? What if you needed medical attention and were unconscious?

My Road ID (and my dog)

Without getting too dramatic here here, but the thought has crossed my mind before about what would happen if a car hit me (and drove off)? Usually I run alone and I run a lot of country roads around Oranmore/Clarinbridge which have both poor lightening and no footpaths in parts. (I'm sure however it is as likely to happen in a busy urban area as it is on a dark country boreen).

I always run lit-up with a headlamp and high-viz when its dark, but I'm not even talking about when its dark. You could be hit at midday, in July, when the sun is shining. Putting an ICE (in case of emergency) number in your phone is great and all but what if your phone was PIN locked or broken in the accident.

I (luckily) do not have any allergies or medical conditions but what if you did? I also think about who would contact someone in the event of an accident. The RoadID does take away that worry. Mine has my name and age, my husbands phone number and NKA (no known allergies). In the event of something ever happening me, at least they would know who I am. I know I'm being a bit of a Debbie Downer here, but it is important to equip yourself!

For over a year now I've never gone for a run without my wristband - I leave it beside the front door! Anyway, yesterday I saw Sean tweeted that RoadID are having a Flash Sale today - 25% off. It'll cost you less than €20, but I'd strongly advise you to get one. Go to their website here - RoadID


  1. Great post. I have a sportID I bought online its very similar . I bought it for going running but i wear mine all the time as I have asthma and few other med issues. Its great idea couple of paramedics spotted it on my wrist and said if someone is in an accident first thing the check is wrists for medical id bracelets. Highly recommend them.

    1. I found even when I was cycling I'd put it on. Better safe than sorry in my opinion :)

  2. I would never have taught of wearing one. I am getting one now. It's so important if something was to happen at least you have some idea you would be known. God for bid anything awful happened. I run on a main road if I was hit I would be in the ditch. Thanks for posting John & Sean @amphkingwest for selling them.

    1. Better safe than sorry John. Hopefully it'll never be needed so €20 won't break the bank :) Go get one!

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