Looking back at March...

Ah here, where are the months going? Three months though 2015 and I feel like we haven't had a proper chance to get started yet. March was busy - I had a run on nearly ever weekend from the Kinvara Rock & Road (link) to the Eamon Moloney 10K (link), throw in the Tralee Marathon (link) and the Michael Egan 5 mile (link) into the mix.

Despite all of these going on, I feel like the work I am putting in isnt showing on the scales. I'm going to bootcamp two/three times a week, getting in loads of walks with the dog and back out running more yet I'm falling short on all of my targets and goals!

Happy out!

Here's how my goals are tracking after the end of March:


I just looked up my total as I was writing this and I'm really disappointed to have only clocked up 105km - 42km of that was the Tralee Marathon. I know I was in taper in the run up to it but there is a huge gap around the 15th which probably accounts for the low milage covered.

March Running


I'm ending the month 1lb heavier than I started but that goes nowhere towards helping me track towards goal. The Marathon kinda 'messed' things up in the middle of the month in terms of I wasn't tracking to lose weight, I was eating to survive the marathon! While finishing +1lb isnt a big deal, it has thrown my projection way off resulting in me being 6lbs away from my target at the end of this month.

March Weigh-Ins


Forget it! This one has gone right out the window... To be fair, I keep buying books with the intention of reading them but I still haven't finished reading a single book this year despite having a backlog of about 10.

I'm actually feeling quite deflated after reading back at all my goals/targets and realising I've falled hugely short on all of them. To run 2015km this year requires me to cover about 167km a month - or just over 500km so far this year. My year total to date: 380km. My weight has gone back to last years trend of fluctuating weekly and of the 6 books I should have read, my tally is zero!

My friend Lisa Regan wrote a piece for the Huffington Post last week (You Are Enough - Improving the Relationship You Have With Yourself - link) which was a great read and just what I needed to hear. If you don't step forward - you're always in the same place. This month may not have been perfect by any means but I ran a marathon. The purpose of having goals in the first place is so you know where to aim. I can see my aim is as bandy as my kick (Have you ever seen me play football?) but with this information I just need to re-calibrate my goals for going forward. 

There is no point tracking to something no longer achievable within the original timeframe. I'm heading out the door right now for a run and to clear out the cobwebs - I know I'll come back with an updated plan! Happy Easter!


  1. Don't get too hung up on the weight thing. Get out there running 5 times a week for 45 minutes each time and you will be fine. Consider taking up a new sporting hobby - swimming, cycling and so on, even hill walking. You could be simply a bit burned out from running so try something new

    1. Thanks for the comment Cathal! Thats the plan for the next 8 weeks in the run up to the Cork Marathon. Just need to get my head back in the weight-game. Everything else seems to be working away fine :)

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