Its time... to face... the scales!

Thursday before Christmas I placed a bet (See post here). It was with myself but still... The bet was simple: I will donate €200 to charity on the evening of January 7th, 2014 if I weigh more on that day then I did last Tuesday at Weight Watchers. [12st 11.5lbs]

Today was D-Day and I knew that at 6pm, I'd probably be sending €200 from my already tragic looking bank account to some deserving charity. I was prepared and willing to do this, a promise is a promise after all.

If I'm honest, there wasn't a single open Roses tin that I passed untouched. In fact, one of the last things that one of the girls at work said to me on the day we closed for Christmas was "Be careful, every time I've seen you this week you have a rose or a biscuit in your mouth". Thanks a million for that Lumi! 

On the outside I was like:

But on the inside I was really like:

Anyway, Christmas came and went, as did the selection boxes, alcohol and midnight snacks. New Years came and went, as the wine poured and the tins of biscuits were devoured. I was essentially like this:

But I was running every day so everything had to be ok right? WRONG! Over the weekend, while at a friend's house, I stood up on their electronic weighing scales. It was the same fear you have when checking your bank balance after a night out that you can't remember. I hadn't weighed myself over Christmas so when the scale showed up at 13st 1lb, I was like:

That meant (assuming those scales were correct) I was officially 1st heavier than I was back in September. Well nothing jump-starts me more than the thoughts of being up & losing money. With Aisling, Anton & Damien I headed off up Diamond Hill in Connemara, heading back to bootcamp and got out for a run (after taking 6 days off). I was back on track... 

But was it too late? I was slightly terrified heading back to WW tonight. I was hoping the 4lbs I was seeing on the electronic scale would have magically disappeared as maybe the scales weren't calibrated or something. I did debate pushing going back to class until the next week but no, it was time to face the scales *cue dramatic music in my head*

Phil was as welcoming as always to see me. She knew there was money on the line with tonight's weigh-in, so she blocked the number on the scale so I couldn't see it. Next thing, Phil gave me a giant hug and congratulations... I WAS DOWN HALF A POUND!

I survived Christmas. 
My tragic bank balance remains at tragic (and not malnourished).
My bet worked. It kept me on track.


  1. Woo way to go John :) My WI is Friday but I got a weeks worth of teaching so trying to find another class! I'm up anyway about 6lbs after taking 4 days off and tracking all the other days! Oh well! Onwards and downwards :) Also doesn't this mean that you can head off to a nice spa in the very near future? ;) :)

    1. Thanks Gra! I know the feeling - I was up 5lbs the last weigh in of the year (and that was one normal week, not Christmas or anything!). I think or bodies are weird and you can't focus too much on the fluctuation weekly but take the bigger picture of the month. I find that helps me :)

  2. Love this post, the gifs are so funny! I'm back tracking for the first time in over a year and it's a total shock to the system but I know I can do it. Well done & I hope you get to enjoy your winnings :)

  3. Well done John :) Great result after the Xmas :):)
    My first offical weigh in is tomorrow and i know I'm up loads!! **sigh** BUT I'm back on track (but not in my work pants) since Monday trying to do a little 'Damage Control" before I hit the scales.
    We'll get there tho :) Hoep your gonna treat yourself with your winnings :)


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