December Runstreak: Days 21 - 31

And so it's done... 31 days of running for at least 30 minutes per day. My stats are as follows:

Time Spent Running: 23 hours 55 minutes
Distance: 269.7km
Average Pace: 5:19
Longest Run: 25km

So now it's New Years Day and I'm putting my feet up! They've done well. This month I covered more kms than any other month in the past 24. My previous best was September 2013 (just before the Marathon) when I hit 244km.

Day 21: A Sunday Afternoon 10K

Day 22: Wet Long Run

Day 23: Running in Different Shoes

Day 24: Christmas Eve Morning run to Renville

Day 25: Christmas Day (before Dinner!)

Day 26: Soaking wet after the Fields of Athenry 10K

Day 27: Squeezing a run in between sales shopping and babysitting

Day 28: Ice Ice Baby (Too Cold)

Day 29: Run around Maree

Day 30: My own Half Marathon

Day 31: The Last Nine KM


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