Galway 5K Series: Race 6 - Tuam

Tuesday was the last leg of the 2015 5K series in Tuam and it was with the heaviest set of legs ever I arrived at the Ard Ri Hotel before the race to collect the elusive 5K t-shirt which is awarded to all entrants who take part in at least 4 of the 6 races. My legs were heavy as less than 36 hours previous I completed the Cork Marathon (post to follow) so my joints were a little stiff but I felt I could manage a grand soft recovery run around Tuam.

Yvonne, Gordon, Elaine, Ian and myself before the race

This is the end of my 3rd 5K series and I've loved every second of it. The first year I was full of newbie excitement for each run - new courses, new people, new finish lines. The second year I was full of competition and pushed myself to clock up my fastest 5K time yet (21:29). This year I just wanted to run. I ran with friends, met new people, ran for equality, clocked up some sub 22 minute 5Ks all over a few Tuesday evenings.

With the Maree AC Gang (Pic from Maree AC Facebook)

We gathered at the start line before 8pm where I hung near the back. It was actually really really lovely to just run, I never looked at my time/watch once as myself and Yvonne made our way around the course. It was a completely different experience - many people overtook us (Hi Phil) as they had arrived late so therefore had to speed their way around the course despite missing the starting mat.

We ploughed on regardless, clocking up each kilometre at around 6:30/km. As we turned the corner with the finish line in sight, Yvonne commented how we'd both run our first ever 10K together (back in February 2013) and here we were finishing a race again together. With Gordon, Aisling and Elaine waiting by the finish line for us, we crossed the line hand in hand.


With a chip time of 32:19, this was my slowest yet most most enjoyable 5K race yet! I cannot think of a better way to have rounded off the series. I've said it before but for me, running has always been about challenging myself while on the flip side, appreciating what I have and can do. 36 hours previous I was running a marathon in Cork in the rain and here I was running what felt more like a cool down lap taking it easy.

Until next year Galway 5K Series... thank you - its been a blast! :)


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