Next Stop: Berlin!

I'm a mixture of nervous excitement and like a coiled spring, I'm ready for Sunday! I don't know if anyone can ever accept and manage their anticipation for such an event. I was feeling great until just after my last long run (15km) on Sunday when I was struck down with man-flu. 

It wasn't full blown man-flu as I managed to try fight it off as much as possible. I've drank a million cups of hot water with lemon and orange with honey. I've gone through enough Strepsils like there is a global shortage and I've had more Rubex than I care to think about over the past few days. I reckon I could be glowing Vitamin C come Sunday.

With 2 weeks to go...

Final Hurdle - 1 week...

I've been taking it easy this week by doing my two Bootcamps (as normal) and just two short runs (5K each). I'm flying this morning (Friday) so that's pretty much it... training is done and there is nothing left for me to do but turn up at the start line Sunday morning. I read a brilliant quote today which said: "It doesn't matter what happens between the starting line and the finish line. All that matters is that you cross both".

I'm looking forward to seeing Berlin and experiencing running with 41000 other marathoners. I'm 90% excited for this one, 10% nervous. I'd love to PB but I'm just going to take it as it comes on the day (my current PB is 3:51 which I clocked in Connemara in April 2014). I'm excited to run in another country and even more so to be able to share the same start (and finish line) as some of the world greats!

Our first stop when we land is to head to the Expo to collect our race packs and then head to our hostel via a Kebab Hut. Carb loading begins now right :) If tracking is your thing, my Bib is #28699 and kick off is 8am (Irish Time)/9am (German Time) Sunday morning.


  1. Best of luck John! I'm sure you'll do brilliant :)

  2. Good Luck John,Cant wait to hear all about it : )

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