Right into the Taper Zone...

The thing that I love the most about running and marathon training is that it isn't in a single step. To train you have to motivate yourself day after day, week after week to lace up and go out for a run. The pillar of any marathon training plan is in the once weekly Long Run which some people dread but I've come to really love. I love getting new podcasts lined up, planning my route and heading off on my run. Yesterday marked my last long run and therefore start of my taper for the Berlin Marathon which is now less than three weeks away.

5 weeks to go...

With five weeks to go, I made the decision to quit all carbonated drinks (including Diet) and all sweets, biscuits and chocolate until after the marathon. I've been finding my mojo has been lacking over the past few weeks so figured a little kick-start would help. Well that and the though that I've to drag my ass around Berlin for 42.2km so I may as well do what I can now to benefit that process as much as possible. I'm surprised with how well I'm doing two weeks later - I haven't had a single sip of Pepsi Max (my favourite), a biscuit or a square of chocolate. I've gone back to being obsessed with the colour of my pee (gross I know), I'm drinking so much water and I'm ensuring I'm eating enough for my heavy running schedule.

4 weeks to go...

I love marathon training (once its done) but this time my body doesn't seem to be reacting as well as before. I've thrown up twice after two separate long runs which really isn't good. It's wiped me out afterwards. Yesterday after my long run I ended up in bed for a few hours until I felt human again. First time I thought it was because I re-filled my water bottle at a public water tap so yesterday I made sure I had two bottles going out but that didn't seem to help either. I'm slightly worried but it but all I can do is keep going and hope I'm ok on the day.

3 weeks to go...

So in the words of Kenny Loggins, I'm right in the taper zone. This is the part where you self-diagnose every niggle as a bone fracture and every sneeze/cough as ebola. I think my body needs the rest from the long-long runs but don't worry, I've plenty lined up over the next few weeks to keep me going including the Athlone Half Marathon (this weekend) and WellFest (next weekend). 


  1. It might not be true but I always like to pretend that feeling shocking after a long run means I'm not going to feel that way during/after the big day! You're a week ahead of me in training as I'm doing Galway. Best of luck with the taper

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