The Killeeneen 'Back to School' 5K

One of my favourite types of runs are the ones where you know your entry fee goes towards something (as opposed to into the organisers pocket) and thats why I signed up for the Killeeneen Back to School 5K registration opened a few weeks ago. All proceeds go towards the school building fund. I had taken part in this last year with Aisling so I knew the route (two laps, finishing at the school).

Paul, Catherine, Myself, Helen & Phil from Maree AC
(Pic from 77edenhill's flicker - link here)

The race was preceded by the kids 2K which was great to see. Sometimes I think about what I would have been like had I actually cared/worked at my own health/fitness growing up. I had flashbacks to handing my PE teacher a different note each week with a different excuse as to why I couldn't take part. I was always excused (sent to Study Hall) so to see so many kids running while being cheered on by their peers and parents was very commendable.  

On your marks...

The run started shortly after 7pm where about 80 people took off on the two lap course around the school. The route was relatively flat and despite promising myself to take it easy, I knew when I clocked the first km at 4:10 I was going too fast. I pulled back a little and enjoyed the second lap more than the first. I crossed the finish line just before 22:30 (my official chip time was 22:27). 

It was a lovely way to spend a Thursday evening chatting with friends and getting a run in at the same time - we even got a t-shirt thrown in! (I must have about 50 at this stage!). 

Myself with Phil, Brad & Gordon after the run


  1. I wonder that too as I was always the girl finding somewhere to have a sneaky smoke during PE class. Oh well! We live and learn!

    1. HA! Well look at us now :) We live and we learn


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