My End of Year Challenge - Hit 5000 km!

I've set myself an ambitious running goal to finish out the year - hit 5000km. I'm currently at 4452km which leaves me 548km short of my target (that's roughly the same distance from Galway to London). With any goal, the number one rule is always to make sure its a challenge but achievable and I think spending the this month and next clocking up 274km will be a bit of a challenge but one I'm looking forward to.

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I've done a few run streaks before (see here or here) and they have been fun but I don't want to be restricted to having to run everyday - this gives me the small bit of flexibility to take days off or cover longer distances. Covering 270+ km a month requires covering 27 x 10K's but I suspect I'll try break it up by doing a few shorter mid-week runs and then longer weekend ones. It is most definitely still a challenge but one that I think will keep me on my toes!

Most of the time it is probably going to be wet and windy, mostly it'll be dark but I'm ready for it. I've the Sixmilebridge Marathon next weekend and this goal will be a great way to keep me running over the winter. I have plans to change up my training over the winter months (post on that coming soon) and I promise I'm not going to do another marathon for a while* 

(*well, a few months anyway!)


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