December 'Running' Challenge - Days 16 to 31

BOOM - Another December, another streak complete! This month I really have felt like I'm falling apart physically. I couldn't run for most of it (thanks to my foot which is now no longer sore), I pulled a muscle in my chest, we were battered by multiple storms and then came down with man-flu but despite all these obstacles, I still made sure I got out there for at least 30 minutes every day!

I've really loved this challenge as regardless how bad my eating habits have been this month, and despite the umpteen excuses I could have pulled out of the bag, I walked my way through December and loved it! I feel sorry for CJ who'll be really missing our daily walks once I get back out there running but I'll make sure he still get plenty of walks/selfies :) 

I clocked up 64km over the last half of the month, bringing my December total to 128km (mainly walking). I came nowhere near my end of year goal of trying to reach 5000km but I'll cope. That 5000km milestone will be waiting for me to grab in the new year. 


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