Tips for staying motivated/on track this month...

Apparently today (9:58am) is the time and date people are most likely to throw their healthy eating habits out the window until after the Christmas period [link]. I'm guilty of succumbing to these fleeting thoughts of how amazing it would be to just throw in the towel and really indulge this Christmas but then common sense kicks in and I know it really wouldn't be worth it! My Weight Watchers leader always says: The days you feel like you don't need your weekly class are the days your class needs you. Likewise the days you need your class are also the days your class needs you.

So on Monday I asked the people who know best... you guys. We are all in the same boat - motivation can wane, especially with the weather being so manky and the window of daylight getting tighter. I absolutely loved all the tips so I've put them together and hopefully something might click with you.

Thanks for all the motivation you guys! Anyone got any more tips?


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