Race 3 - Loughrea [Galway 5K Series]

Race 3 saw the return of the old Loughrea route which was a bit of a shame as I had enjoyed last years loop around the town but I understand the logistics of organising a race like that. My Tuesday was a bit mental and I had left work early to visit Catherine and the Weight Watchers class down in Ennistymon. I miscalculated my return time and ended up parking/abandoning my car outside some poor woman's house about 3 minutes to start time. I jumped out of the car, changed and ran to the start line just before kick off.

An Yvonne Selfie

The weather was clammy and humid, I was wearing long-sleeves, I was bothered arriving (due to my fear of missing it) and I hadn't had a proper lunch. I'm not blaming any of these factors individually but together with my heavy legs following this morning's bootcamp, I crashed big time during this race.

My kilometer splits were: 4:11 (nice), 4:16 (ooh also nice), 4:37 (eh, pull it back John), 5:15 (wtf) and 4:32 (last km was downhill), resulting in a chip time of 22:56 which was extremely disappointing considering last weeks stellar performance.

Crossing the finish line (Pic by John O'Connor - link)

In my defense (not that I need one), but I'd also just run my longest run in marathon training less than 72 hours before hand and I feel like my body hadn't fully recovered. There is something funky going on at the moment as after my 30km run on Sunday, I crashed bad. I lay on the floor for 45 minutes considering whether I was going to vomit or if I needed food. The humidity is killing me at the moment and think I need to look at my salt/electrolyte intake during a long run.