Half-way through April... Time to Review!

April has two goals, to top March's figures and run 15K in a single run. Seen as we are half way through the month (Day 15 of 30), now is a perfect to time to re-evaluate and see how I am getting on:

So, let's see where I'm at:

Goal 1:
  • Target Time (at half way): 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Actual Time (at half way): 4 hours 40 minutes
  • Target Distance (at half way): 45KM
  • Actual Distance (at half way): 49KM
  • Target Pace: Better than 5'55''/km
  • Actual Pace: 5'42''/km
Goal 2:
  • Run 15K in a single run.
  • Furthest Run in a single run: 12K
  • I'm actually not too bothered about being at 12K as my plan was to add a KM a week this month. I ran 11K last week (6th) and 12K yesterday (14th). To reach this goal I need to hit 13.5K this coming weekend (20th) and 15K the last weekend in April (27th).
Overall I am delighted with my progress so far this month. It should also be worth noting that since joining Bootcamp last week, my Monday's & Wednesday evenings are filled with lunges, jumps, running and push-ups. So those gaps in my run planner from Mon-Wed are to be expected! 

Bring on the second half of April!


  1. You are doing brilliant and beating your own targets too :) its inspiring

    1. In the words of Kelly Clarkson... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger :)

  2. ...and you can top it all off with a nice tasty salad ;-) Nom!


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