Single (5, 7), Double (10, 11, 13, 27, 72) & Treble (222) Figures...

I have been a Weight Watchers member for the past 222 days. I cannot begin to describe how much of my life has changed in the past 30+ weeks. I have surprised myself so much with my motivation, determination and focus. I wish someone could have sat down with me a few months ago and told me how easy things would become & how much happier my life would become.

I was given my 10th Silver 7 at class on Tuesday... TEN SILVER 7s! Even I have trouble grasping at that - Although my goal was weight-loss, I never even thought that this was possible.

Me - July 2012 (Left) vs Me - April 2013 (Right)

I have used micro-goals to get me to where I am now - each goal has been a move in the right direction but set differently to get me to where I am now. For example, my current (March/April) set of goals are as follows:

  • Weigh less than 200lbs
  • Get 10th Silver 7
  • Have a BMI under 30
  • Get my 75lbs Certificate

I am still using my Excel Chart, updating it weekly with my weigh-ins to remind me of both how far I have come from and where I am going. The red dotted line indicates my target weight (set at a 2lb loss a week) while the blue squiggley line shows my current weight at each weigh-in since the start of the year.

Using this chart has helped me keep my eyes on my weight in lbs, kgs and BMI. I use one of these three interchangeably to reach a micro-goal. As I said previously, my micro-goals aren't always about losing weight and getting a new Silver 7, some of them help me feel accomplishments looking back at what I have already done. Taking 'Weigh less than 200lbs' for example - I set this back in February when I was still in the teens. It incorporates all of the work I have done before the time I set it as my goal. 

This is what has helped me stay on track & keep my focus on short micro-goals while working towards the bigger picture. I read something recently which said:

"Accomplishment creates confidence, which creates effort resulting in more accomplishment"

I know for a fact this is what works for me as once I complete a mini-goal, I immediately feel good about myself for having achieved a goal, that it fuels me to reach my next goal - whatever that may be. Another problem area that I have also gotten better with is rewarding myself after completing a goal as in general, I tend not to reward myself or appreciate my own hard work in achieving it. 

Looking at my recent goals, you can see they are spaced out in such a way that I am achieving goals every few weeks as opposed to waiting for longer periods of time with no reward/prize/sense of accomplishment.

  • Weigh less than 200lbs - Achieved 26th March
  • Get 10th Silver 7 - Achieved 2nd April
  • Have a BMI under 30 - Achieved 2nd April
  • Get my 75lbs Certificate

That is why the post is a tribute to all my goal numbers: 5, 7, 10, 11, 13, 72 and 222:

  • 5 - The number of stones I have lost
  • 7 - Silver ones
  • 10 - The number of Silver 7's I have earned
  • 11 - My furthest run to date
  • 13 - My weight in stones right now
  • 27 - The number of lbs I have to lose to 'Gold'
  • 72 - The number of lbs I have lost
  • 222 - The number of days I have been on this journey

Have you thought about your numbers?


  1. amazing :) you've come so far and your doing so well :) I bet your feel fantastic aswell and looking it :) You should be so proud of how far you've come.
    Another inpiring post x

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