The dreaded Post Holiday Weigh-In...

We arrived back home from Spain at 3am this morning. Yesterday went by in a blur of buses, airports, planes and taxis but there is a lot to be said to coming home. Holidays are great fun but they are a total split from reality. With no work, no structure to your day and (usually) more money than normal burning a hole in your pocket - it is nothing like home.

Here is a typical conversation between myself and my other half which happened every couple of hours over our holiday:

Me: I'm thirsty
OH: Oh look, they have cocktails on offer
Me: Mojito/Daiquiri/Pina Colada please!

Cocktails on the Beach

As you might have seen in my last post (on Saturday), I was resigned to the fact I had been a little scut on holidays. No running, lots of Cocktails, lots of indulgences. So far it sounds the exact same as last year's Summer Holidays (when I was over 19st)... 

Summer 2012 v Summer 2013

I 100% admit I was scared of today's post holiday weigh-in... I think it was more so the fear of the unknown of being 'out on my own' for 2 weeks. I wasn't tracking, I was eating what I wanted and when I wanted...

I was +1.5lbs on the scale today!

A pound and a half! WTF! I nearly kissed Phil (my WW leader) I was so shocked. And delighted. That was when Phil asked me what was different about this holiday as opposed to last year. That was what got me thinking about all of the positive things I had done on holiday without even giving myself credit for. 

I was thinking about the ice-creams and cocktails, chocolate and desserts I had eaten on holidays but looking back, they were never in excess. Yes I had ice-cream, but it was always the smallest tub. Yes I had cocktails but then moved on to Rum & Diet Coke (less points). Yes I had chocolate/desserts/pastries but always shared it with whomever I was with so I doubt I had a full bar myself.

Another difference this year versus last year was that I made the decision to enjoy what I was eating. One night we went to an Italian and I had a large BBQ chicken pizza (hardly quintessential spanish cuisine!). It was delicious. I enjoyed every slice. Weight Watchers has obviously worked somewhere deep down inside because once I had the pizza, I didn't have another one another night). I had Toastadas most mornings for breakfast (Toast with Tomatoes), Spanish Omelette with Salad at lunch time (Thanks Annette!) and evening dinner was usually Spanish Tapas so although quite small and made to share, maybe it was the number of plates of food that kept coming to our table that threw me off. Instead of chips, I'd have salad/grilled veg accompanying my dinner. These were all decisions I made without any effort. 

All in all, I feel like I completely splashed out for the past two weeks and really in fairness, I probably deserve to be up more than I am. I'm glad to be back at Weight Watchers and I'm back tracking. I've three weeks to get my a*se in gear of my next race (The Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Dublin) so I've plenty to keep me going for the next few weeks.


  1. That's fab news for you John, glad to here you'd a brill hol and enjoyed it :) Just shows how much your mental attitude and habits have changed in the last 12 months :)

    1. Thanks HBG! I still can't believe it myself. Had an excellent holiday and wouldn't change a thing. I'm even more determined now though to reach goal. Think those 2 weeks off might have given me a fresh oompf to keep on truckin!

  2. Well done! Living life and a healthy one at that! xxx

  3. I really like the way you have explained about your holiday in such an entertaining way. The last time I enjoyed my holiday in London and stayed in a beautiful hotel , I too had a wonderful experience which I keep telling everyone.

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