December Run Streak

Amphibian King posted this yesterday:

"Simply make a promise to yourself to run a minimum of 30 mins (or more) per day from 1st December until the 31st December. You will feel great, look great and enjoy your Christmas dinner all the more! Comment below to show you're committed to your pledge."

I'm in! And it looks like about 15 others are too. Sign up here: 

I'm excited for this challenge. Its not about time, speed or distance - just set yourself the commitment to running for 30 minutes a day. I'm going to tie this to my other committment to run 250km before the end of the year. At the moment I'm behind (as you can see from my Nike+ Dashboard):

Roll on December! I love a new challenge :)


  1. Awh yes this is just what I need! I haven't had a chance to run since the day after my 10km! Well I've used the excuse that I've been doing soo much PT and classes pft...this will get my ass into gear :D

    1. How are you getting on with it? I'm hoping it'll keep me motivated later into the month when all I am thinking about it mince pies and warm fires :)


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