For the day that's in it... THANK YOU!

Today is Thanksgiving. 

Today is also the 28th of November, which marks a month since the Dublin Marathon (28th of October). So I want to take this opportunity to finally say thanks.

Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for reading me rant on about this and that. Thanks for all the lovely supportive comments I have gotten either through the blog, FB or Twitter since starting this blog.

I do want to give a special thank you to everyone for the support I received for the marathon. I raised over €700 for BeLonG To. They recently sent me a lovely email thanking me for fundraising on their behalf. I wanted to share some of that email with you all so you can see what your donation meant:

I've just read your two blog posts on running the marathon, what a journey you've been on this last year. On behalf of myself and everyone here in BeLonG To thanks so much for thinking of us as your chosen charity to run this years marathon!  
It's been an extremely busy time here in the office with loads of new young people coming to access support right across the country and I think we're likely to break the 3,000 mark this year of young people coming to get support and find friends!  
This week we announced that from next year we'll start the journey to move our work to end homophobia and transphobia into primary schools the length and breath of Ireland, it's a huge step for us as an organisation and your support and fundraising has contributed to help make this happen!  
Thank you ever so much for all you've done to help LGBT young people and congrats on shattering your fundraising target to raise a whopping €736.20

That is all down to you! Well, I say you but really its thanks to: Aisling, Annette, Tom M, Kieran, Donna, Ziya, Janet, Martin, Sinead, Michelle, Paul, Marion, Brad, Jason, Michelle Kelly, Maureen, Rob, Cathal, Sean, Yvonne, Darren, Maria, Jay, Davy, Jonathan, Archana, Alan, Elliot, Julie, Sinead, Tim, Stephen, Bridie, Olivia and Phil. 

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me through - You parted with your hard earned cash and I just wanted to say that I think YOU are amazing.


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