My 'Get Out Of Jail' Card...

The past two weeks have been mental. I turned 31 and I became an uncle. Throw in a work night out, a comedy dinner thing for charity and my friend Yvonne's birthday. Add a pizza night, the cinema, multiple coffee shops and a few bottles of champagne. That's before you add all the birthday cakes I had.

It has all passed in a brilliant blur.

Now, I'm not using it as an excuse but... Rewind to two weeks ago when I had my unexpected 1lb loss despite having a bad week. I left that weeks WW meeting feeling like a cocky Mr Know-it-all who had just cheated his way through an exam. When last Tuesday's meeting rolled around, my sister went and had a baby (how inconsiderate I know), so I left Galway Tuesday afternoon and headed to Limerick where I got to meet my adorable little nephew for the first time, missing my first WW meeting in the 15 months since I joined.

Seen as I had missed last weeks meeting... and my birthday was coming up at the weekend, I went AWOL. Like I mean completely off the charts. I was a total scut and I knew it. That being said part of me was ok with completely letting go of the reigns as I knew I'd come back on track the following today... which was last night.

I stood up on the scales like night to see a whopping 5lb gain! OUCH. But dya know what... I wouldnt change a single thing about my last two weeks. They were awesome. I partied, I ate, I drank. I didn't run, I didn't set my alarm early, I didn't track. I was hungover, I ordered starters - mains - dessert. It was a break out. It was awesome.

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm ready now for the last leg of the year. I still have my goal of running 250km before the end of the year which I am progressing slowly but surely towards. Now I'm adding 'No more gains' to my goals. I have no excuses. Yes there will be Christmas Parties and Christenings, nights out and takeaways will lurk around every weekend but I'm ready. I've had the craic and I regret nothing from the past few weeks but here is where I have to be careful. It's a slippery slope right up to Christmas. The 'Get Out of Jail' card I've been using for the past two weeks has well and truly expired.

I haven't a notion of ending this year on a downer because I put on another half stone (which is the way its going if I don't reign it back in). I'm back in the drivers seat and I'm ready to whoop myself back into gear ready for an even better 2014!


  1. Belated Happy Birthday John :) Those cakes....and chocolates oh goodness look delicious! You were right to enjoy yourself and now you know it is back to business :) Onwards and downwards from here :)

    1. Oh and congrats on becoming an uncle :) It is the best feeling in the world, those little people are tooo cute :) *beware you may end up broke as you will want to buy them sooo much* lol :)

    2. Aw thanks a mill Melting Diva :) Loving your blog too and all your progress to date! We'll keep eachother going over the finish line.

      Also, I've already had to stop myself from buying too many clothes. They are just so cute!

  2. Also a belated Happy birthday John. Glad you REALLY enjoyed it!! :) Congrats on becoming an uncle. I also became an uncle 3 months back and have a christening coming up soon also. I use to be a boy scout "Be Prepared" was our motto. Never really was one for mottos though. ;)

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