I'm half way through my Run Streak...

My blog may be quiet at the moment but that doesnt meant I haven't stopped running. I've just crossed the half way point in the Runner's World Run Streak. The challenge is to run at least 1 mile every day from Monday May 26th to Friday July 4th (40 Days), but I've set myself the goal of running at least 5KM (3 miles).

Day 1: The First Run - Monday 26th May
Nice quick run out around Renville Park and back home

Day 2: The Racecourse 5K - Tuesday 27th May
Broke my fastest 1K (3 minutes 45 seconds) on this hot Tuesday evening in the Galway Racecourse for the second last of this years 5K series.

Day 3: The Recovery Run - Wednesday 28th May
Ran out to Renville and back with Aisling

Day 4: The Repeat Run - Thursday 29th May
Ran the Renville loop again - I think I need a new route

Day 5: The Hungover Run - Friday 30th May
Running after a night on the drink can sometimes be dodge, my time splits show this - I started confident, crawled home.

Day 6: The Cregganna Loop - Saturday 31st May
7:30am run before 9am bootcamp, all on a Saturday morning... Hardcore!

Day 7: The Post Dinner 5K - Sunday 1st June
I ran at 11:20pm after a massive dinner for my aunts birthday. It was dark, it was a bank holiday weekend but I got it in just under the midnight deadline

Day 8: The Bank Holiday Run - Monday 2nd June
It was late in the evening when I got back to Galway and notched up another 6K out to Renville and back

Day 9: The Tuam 5K- Tuesday 3rd June
The last of the 2014 Galway 5K series. Was so disappointed with my time! Really hoped to come in under 21 minutes but completely miscalculated

Day 10: The Run before the Birthday Party - Wednesday 4th June
It was Kieran's birthday so I crammed in a quick 6K before heading to his for pizza and cocktails

Day 11: The Run around Middle Third - Thursday 5th June
I went for a run around Middle Third before hitting up Bootcamp with the Maree AC crew in Renville Park

Day 12: The Graveyard Run - Friday 6th June
Most runs, I can motivate myself around Renville Park, today was slow. I managed the wall of the graveyard and back home again

Day 13: The Tonabrucky Challenge - Saturday 7th June
It was hot, it was hilly, it was tough

Day 14: The School Run - Sunday 8th June
It was woody, it was half off road, it was fun

Day 15: The 11K Loop - Monday 9th June
Sometimes, all you need is you and the road to sort out whats going on in your head. Today was one of those days

Day 16: The Late Night 5K - Tuesday 10th June
Another June Birthday, another late night run (with a belly full of cake!)

Day 17: The Renville Loop (again!) - Wednesday 11th June
What can I say... I'm a creature of habit

Day 18: The 6am 5K - Thursday 12th June
I had evening plans so got my 5K in at 6am before hitting Bootcamp at 7am

Day 19: The Friday Run - Friday 13th June
Was busy getting ready for my sister in laws wedding so between getting my own hair cut and the dogs, I squeezed in an 11K

Day 20: The Morning of a Wedding Run - Saturday 14th June
Squished in a 5K an hour before we had to be at the church


  1. you are doin brill.. luvin the little comments about each run too :)


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