Run Streak - Days 21 to 30

Yesterday was Day 30, marking the three quarter way mark... 75% done! Here's how they went down:

Day 21: The Day After The Wedding - Sunday 15th June
Run around the grounds of Ashford Castle and Cong before heading back to Lisloughrey Lodge

Day 22: The Renville Route - Monday 16th June
My regular route to the graveyard in Renville and back home

Day 23: The Usual - Tuesday 17th June
Yep, another Renville and back run. I must have a path worn at this stage... My body can run it on autopilot

Day 24: The Ring Roads - Wednesday 18th June
Happy Birthday Mam! As I knew I was heading to see my mam after work, I got my run in at 7am

Day 25: The Loop around Middle Third - Thursday 19th June
From Renville Park around Middle Third before Bootcamp with the gang from Maree AC

Day 26: The Renville Route - Friday 20th June
A 7am run to Renville and back before a busy day at work followed by dinner in my friends

Day 27: The Maldron Roundabout - Saturday 21st June
What better way to ring in the longest day of the year other than a 7am 5K before heading off on a 96K cycle

Day 28: The Galway Simon 10K - Sunday 22nd June
The Galway Simon 10K or 10M run along the Prom in Salthill. It was hot, my legs were heavy and I fought so hard just to finish this - my slowest 10K this year!

Day 29: The Leg Burner - Monday 23rd June
With heavy legs still recovering from the weekend, I ran the usual Renville route

Day 30: The Post Dinner Run - Tuesday 24th June
Running at 10pm after a huge pasta dinner is never a good idea. My slowest 5K of the streak!

I am goosed. This Run Streak has taken more out of me than I thought it would. I've hit "the wall" and need a good fong to sort me out. Hopefully tonight's 5K in Renville Park might kick start the tiredness that has built up inside me. I'm looking forward to the last quarter of the run streak. My last one was 31 days, so after today... I'll be on new ground which makes me happy :)


  1. its no wonder you feeling it!! I was starting to thing you were part robot :)
    the big cycle on Sat followed by a 10k run on the Sun!! WOW.. fair play

  2. You're unreal, that's really all I have to say!


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