Destination Unknown

The journey for body mass reduction is now frequently travelled by many in today’s society in the search of a leaner person within. After days, months, years of endless toxic intake something triggers within and the body revolts. You need to lose weight, the seed is planted.
Before you know it, you are about to board the bus with the other thousands on the journey to weight loss, you’re on and off you go. Brilliant, you’re on your way. You even know most of the people on here too, great! 
Now you have settled into your seat, a few thoughts swish round your active mind. Where are you going? How long are you gone for? Did you need to bring anything along? Does anybody know where you’re going? Do I really want to be going here? Why am I going here again? 
Before you know it you are off at the next stop and heading home before you have reached your destination. I’ll try and go to that place some other time.Some other time, on a different route. Maybe.Some other time.
We all get frustrated when things do not work out for us as we intend. Weight loss is no different. Many people set themselves up for failure before they begin any task due to lack of forward planning and organisation. 
Weight loss is no different.
Decide where & why you are going.
Plan the journey ahead.
Organise necessary requirements for trip.
Weight loss is found on these organised trips.
Get to where you are going next time, not lost.

I found the above on another blog, and while these are not my words/thoughts it has definitely made me think... This time last year I was one measly pound off goal (12st) when I decided to give up the cigs. And yes it worked to some degree as my weight fluctuated up and down around 7lbs over the following few months. In April of this year I hit 13st which was a full stone away from goal weight. Without getting into it now, its been something that has constantly been on my mind since. Its easy not to consider the NSVs (Non Scale Victories) like completing four half marathons and two marathons, like physically getting stronger.

In a conversation I had with my aunt just this week I had been talking about how I've been within touching distance of my goal weight twice in the past year however each time it just seemed to slipped away. She asked me "What would be different right now if that week last year I had been down the extra lb and had hit goal?"

Mind. Blown.

Do I think the subsequent weeks would have been easier? No. Do I think maintaining would have been easier? No. Would it matter if my weigh card was gold but my weight wasnt? No. I think the reason the above quote struck me so much is how close to the bone it is. 

Where am I going?
What is the destination? 
How long am I going for?
Why am I going here?

While I'm still working on the answers to these questions, I just wanted to share the quote with you as it might awaken something in someone else.


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