Re-adjusting the goalposts...

Its been a while since I updated the Running Excel sheet I keep on myself, and in doing so today I noticed the list of goal times I wanted to achieve this year tucked in the corner of the spreadsheet (set back in January). I have highlighted my personal bests for each distance below, each of which fall [significantly] short of the times I had set as goal.

Goal PB
5K 00:19:00 00:21:29
10K 00:40:00 00:43:52
Half 01:30:00 01:40:32

As you can see, I'm a nice bit away from each of my goals for each distance. The reason I set goals is to help me figure out what I want and what is achievable. For example, I can now see that to achieve a 19 minute 5K requires a pace of 3:48/km, at the moment my fastest 5K has been at a 4:18/km however I did clock 2 x 3:45/kms on that run (according to my Nike+ App).

As it stands, my runs for 2014 look as follow (with the PBs highlighted in green):

Tuam 8K819/01/201400:35:55
Maree 8K809/02/201400:36:59
Gort 8K816/02/201400:37:35
Kinvara Rock & Road Half Marathon21.101/03/201401:41:48
Pakie Ryan 10K1015/03/201400:44:27
Eamon Moloney 10K1030/03/201400:43:52
Athenry - Galway 5K Series529/04/201400:21:37
Great Limerick Run21.104/05/201401:40:32
Loughrea - Galway 5K Series506/05/201400:21:31
Claregalway - Galway 5K Series520/05/201400:21:46
Galway City - Galway 5K Series527/05/201400:21:29
Tuam - Galway 5K Series503/06/201400:21:39
Tonabrucky Challenge 607/06/201400:27:50
The School Run508/06/201400:22:28
Galway Simon 10K1022/06/201400:47:09
Renville Park 5K525/06/201400:23:00
Rock & Roll Half Marathon21.104/08/201401:50:01

Its hard to evaluate where I should set my goals for the remainder of the year as June & July have been slow so its hard to know where I should set my bar. That being said, having a goal has always helped motivate me and help keep me focused. I read somewhere before that not having a goal is like running up and down a field but never scoring.

For that reason, I am adjusting my goal times slightly for the remainder of the year as a goal also has to be realistic and achievable. The "easy" goal would be one you know with fair confidence you will achieve without significant effort, so I could set the goal of just beating each of the PBs I set earlier this year however that doesn't scare me enough to keep me motivated. I like a challenge and for that reason I have set my adjusted goals to:

Adj GoalPB

Having these goals will also keep me focused as the evenings get shorter and the weather gets worse. They keep me running. I also plan on running a timed half marathon each month for the rest of the year to keep my distance running up. If anyone knows any good Half in October, November or December, let me know as I am looking to sign up :)