Mr and Mr...

For the past week, something has been catching my eye. It has happened when the light shines in a certain way or when I reach for something I often catch a glimpse of it and it makes me smile. This is something that was never there before but I know will be there from this day forward - the ring my other half put on the finger.

On Friday 25th of July, I bound myself by law to my special person, and he bound himself to me. Following a civil ceremony in Oranmore, we had a Blessing in Limerick surrounded by family and a small group of friends where myself & Cathal exchanged our vows and rings in what was probably the scariest yet most certain experience I've ever had.

Last minute prep...

People say your special day will pass in a blur, that you'll be pulled from place to place, that you'll have a pain in your face from all the smiling for photos, that you'll emotionally be all over the shop... and they are right. The day moved both fast and slow. Certain parts of the day I will cherish and they will stay with me forever - but what I wasn't expecting and no one had ever warned me about was the overwhelming feeling of love we felt on the day. The amount of tweets, text messages, Facebook messages and phone calls were only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the waves of love in the room would have melted any iceberg within a 1000m radius of the venue. 

Mr & Mr (First Wedding Selfie)

I know a lot of people say they dream of their big day all their lives. For me, it has always been about the person. I remember, as embarrassing and all as it is, hoping there was a person out there that I could just sit on the couch with and discuss the finer things in life like Westlife's next single (bear in mind it was the late 90s). I never thought I would have that connection with anyone yet here I am now married to someone who is ten thousand times more than anything I'd ever imagined.

The First Dance... 

Collectively, we have been so blessed not only to have two wonderfully supportive families but also such an amazing group of people we are proud to call our friends. Life isn't easy and the cards are never dealt out fairly but I really do feel like we got dealt a Royal Flush! 


  1. Awesome stuff John! Sounds like you guys had just as amazing a day as we had. This whole marriage thing is a bit of lark, innit?

    1. Thanks so much M! We certainly picked the right weekend for it :) Married life is super... how is it treating ye?

  2. Simply beautiful - and it was an AMAZING day!! We just loved every part of it. x

  3. Delighted for you John :) ye both looked very handsome and dapper :)
    Happily Ever After starts now :)
    Congrats Mister :)

    1. It sure does?! I can't wait to hear the pitter patter of puppy paws :) Thanks V

  4. Congratulations John! I'm really happy for you :)
    This made me feel all happy! I love happy posts like this :D Awh you two are soo cute in the selfie!
    Love it X

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