December Runstreak - Days 1 - 10

So I'm a third through the December Runstreak, so here's an update. I've spent 6 hours 47 minutes covering 73.7km. I've pretty much stuck to the 30 minute rule with the exception of the Waterford Half Marathon. Here's how each run broke down:

Day 1: Fast First Run

Day 2: An hour night trail run around Kilcornan Woods in the freezing cold

Day 3: Post Work, Pre Dinner Quickie

Day 4: So wet, so cold. Had to take shelter inside or my photo!

Day 5: Post Work, Pre Car Trip to Waterford Run

Day 6: Waterford Half Marathon

Day 7: Sunday Morning Run

Day 8: Just another manic Monday

Day 9: Brought the dog with me today (so was slower but he enjoyed it)

Day 10: 7am Run in a Storm

So days 11 to 20 will be tough in the run up to Christmas. This is my third runstreak and each time I do one, it reminds me how easy it is to come up with an excuse not to run. There are nights when sitting on the couch would be so much easier than lacing up and going out for a run, however I've never come home from a run and regretted it! Hope the rest of the run-streakers are enjoying their festive run! I'll update ye in 10 days!


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