December Runstreak: Days 11 - 20

The middle of anything is always the worst. Motivation can lack as you are still so far away from the end but I'm so stubborn I ploughed through, I even got a run in after a visit to the Beer Tent in the Galway Markers after work. Hows how the last ten days went:

Day 11: One Wet Cold Thursday Evening

Day 12: Long 15 miler from Barna to Westside and back while the dog was getting his hair cut

Day 13: Post Christmas Party Run

Day 14: Sunday Run(day)

Day 15: Fast Monday Run

Day 16: Slow Wednesday Run

Day 17: Post Drinks Run

Day 18: I think all the Roses are starting to weigh me down!

Day 19: Friday Hi-Viz

Day 20: Saturday Night's alright for Running!

So, 14 hours running and 155km racked up over twenty days - I'm on the homeward stretch. I just have Christmas Day & The Fields of Athenry in the middle. 


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