Run December Run!

During the week I read the following in the Irish Times (link):

"In six weeks’ time the media will be full of people discussing how their New Year’s resolutions will get their lives in better shape, get their diet in better shape, get their health in better shape.

And four weeks later, all the good intentions will be gone."


I'm not gonna lie, I have been oh so tempted to throw in the towel on 2014 and start back at WW come January 1st. I'll be oh so good, on my best behaviour. I'll undo every Rose, every Mince Pie when that clock strikes midnight on December 31st. Sure don't I deserve it, I've worked hard this year, clocked up close to 1400km running and many more cycling.

I've always been a believe in turning intentions into habits by action. Why would I throw away everything I've worked for this year just so I can have a gluttonous December? I'd be sliding three steps back for no reason. I'm actually going to do the opposite - action always beats intention. I signed up for the '7 weeks for €50' at Weight Watchers for start so regardless of how each week  in December plays out, I'm going every Tuesday - so christmas parties, birthdays, fruit cake and christmas markets will just have to be dealt with.

The Tralee Marathon is FIFTEEN weeks away yesterday! Eeep! So that should keep me on my toes but just to make sure, I've also signed up for the Amphibian King Runsteak which starts today and runs for the month. I did it last year and loved it. It'll be my 3rd runstreak but I've loved each one. Turning what seems impossible/a challenge into the possible has always fuelled me on.

December is shaping up to be a busy one. I have the Waterford Half Marathon this weekend, the Fields of Athenry on St Stephens Day, my Marathon Training Plan and now this Runstreak. Yes its a lot of running but yes I am so up for the challenge!


  1. Good luck with all those. And well done for not throwing the towel in! x

  2. Go John, Go John, its so so tempting to just take the month off.. but I'm sure you'l be delighted that you stuck with it (and sure you can still enjoy a few roses & cakes) :)

    1. Oh it would just be so much easier if we could. Damn it anyway. I know I'll thank myself come Jan 1st

  3. Best of Luck John! So much going on you are bound to smash it!

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