The Short Road to Marathon #6

Last month I clocked up another notch in my marathon belt completing Marathon #5 in Berlin in just over 3 hours 58 minutes. I got home from Germany on Monday and that night signed up for Dublin, Marathon #6. I'm not going to lie... it's been the 'easiest' training I've ever had to do for a marathon simply because I had only four weeks to prepare. My longest run was a Half Marathon before I started tapering back down again.

Three Weeks to go...

Two weeks to go...

One week to go...

I can't believe how quickly the past four weeks have flown and how quickly I jumped back in the driving seat in terms of running. Every other time I've finished a marathon I've taken the following few weeks off from running completely. I ran the Cork Marathon on June 1st and my next run was June 23rd.

I feel ready for Dublin - I just hope I've done enough to bring me to my goal. I'd love to come in under 3:50 - that's the aim. Considering I'm trying to knock 8 minutes off my last marathon time, I'm hoping the conditions on Monday work in my favour. It was warmer and busier in Berlin than I had expected so I'm hoping a cooler, less packed course will work to my advantage. The weather isn't meant to be great but when can you ever rely on weather in Ireland. It rained throughout the entire Cork Marathon in June.

So to each of the 15,000 runners taking part in the Dublin Marathon - I wish you the very best of luck. The hard work is done... all that stands between you and the finish line is the last 26.2 miles!


  1. That will be three marathons in only a few madman/legend!! Well done you for bouncing back so fast and I have no doubt you will get under that 3:50. I'll be up there cheering on a few friends so if you see a stranger shouting for you in a Newbridge AC jacket around miles 5, 9 or 20 then that will be me :)

  2. Good luck tomorrow!! Yeah, you never know what weather you'll be running in here.. The crowds should be out in force anyway... Hope you get under the 3.50 mate :)

    1. Cheers James! Just found (and followed) your blog :)


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