50 Hour Challenge: Mission Accomplished!

On February 10th, I set myself a 40 hour Lent Challenge which I then adjusted to 50 hours (blog post here). I've been tracking each activity through Google sheets and as Easter Sunday came closer, I was confident I was going to hit 50! That was until Easter Sunday morning itself when I realised I was 2 hours 52 minutes short... so I did what I do best - laced up and headed off for a run!

I clocked up a Half Marathon yesterday morning which still left a 58 minute balance outstanding. After lunch I laced up again and took the dog for a 6km walk around Renville Park bringing my final total to: 50:00:04

My Gold Bunny was well and truly earned (and subsequently demolished!)... along with anything made of chocolate that was in the house! 

I've spent today (Monday) trying to figure out what new challenge I can pore my efforts in to and then it came to me. I'm going to mash my challenge into The Skinny Doll's 100 Day Challenge but with a difference... February 10th (when I started the 50 hour challenge) to June 25th 2016 is 136 days. 

My challenge: Clock up 150 hours in 136 days. I've really enjoyed clocking up a mix of time across Hot Yoga, Bootcamp, Running and Walking. I have 46 days worked through, 90 days remaining. I have 50 hours in the bag, 100 left to earn.

I know what you are thinking... Why Saturday 25th June? Well... I've had a treat in mind for when I achieved my 50 hour challenge so today, I've just cashed it in and bought my entry to the 2016 Waterford Marathon! Running a marathon might not sound like everyones idea of a reward but I can't wait to get stuck back in to the training!

So now I've just updated my spreadsheet and it just looks so bare, but here I go again! I also clocked up a lovely 6km walk today with Aisling (and the dog). Waterford/150 hours... Here I COME!



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