My Lent Challenge

Lent began on February 10th and with it, I started my lent challenge. The rules (which I set myself) were simple:

  • No sweets or chocolate
  • Clock up 40 hours activity
I love a challenge and figured 40 hours over 47 days was achievable so I set a further goal:
  • Do something everyday (Walk, Run, Bootcamp or Yoga)

Like any goal, I believe you need two things - A Plan and a Tracker. I find a plan helps me think and smartly schedule my week. I used Google Calendar (free) every Sunday to block in what activity I was doing each day. It wasn't set in stone so I was free to move workouts around (e.g. Walk on a day I didn't want to run or Yoga on a really wet day instead of having to go out in the rain). Having a plan also helped by making me commit to a time to get something done. As I use Google Calendar for my own reminders, so for example, if I knew I had something planned for some evening, I would do my workout in the morning. Having this planned out made sure I didn't find myself in a time compromise.

Once I'd complete an activity, I tracked it in a Spreadsheet. I had a goal: 40 hours and a current value top center along with a pie-chart so I could track my progress towards 100%. Again, I used Google Sheets so I could track it on the go. I colour coded what I was doing to ensure I wasn't "clumping" too much of the same activity together (i.e. not just running) and my sheet currently looks like this:

It's all a bit spreadsheet-y but really the principle is the same regardless of how you track it. I currently have 35 'move' hours clocked up since the start of Lent so am just 12% off hitting goal. I've just realised however that there are 10 days left of Lent so I'm going to ramp up my challenge slightly for the last few days - by adding 10 hours to the Target. 50 hours in 47 days certainly puts the fire under my feet to work that little bit harder for the next week and a half. I keep thinking of how amazing my Easter Egg is going to be at the end of this! 

So here we go, 15 hours over the next 10 days... LETS DO THIS!