Run Streak: Days 12 - 20

So I'm almost 2/3s of the way through the Run Streak ("run a minimum of 30 mins (or more) per day from 1st December until the 31st December.") and I said I'd give a little update.

Day 12: Post Work 6km run in the rain. Day 13: Wasn't working so went for a nice 11km run in the Coast Road and back out the motorway before heading off to my work Christmas Party. Day 14: 8am 5km run the morning after a night out is NEVER a good idea. No further comment. Day 15: 8km run and back home just in time for the X Factor final.

Day 16 has been my favourite run so far. Myself and Phil ran 8km from his house out to Tawin Island in the dark - the sky was clear so the light of the moon was more than enough to light the way. Its rare that I run with someone else and have a chat so really enjoyed it. Day 17 was a wet one, ran 6km at 10pm an hour after dinner - not a fan of late night runs but I had to get my run in somewhere.

Day 18 was a 7am 6km run before work and boy was I delighted to get my run in early. The storm hit while at work which flooded the entrance to our estate (I had to abandon the car in Oranmore village and walk home through the flooding). The wind would have made the whole thing impossible to run so I felt extra warm and cosy wrapped on the couch Wednesday evening while the storm battered away outside.

Day 19 was a 5.5km post-work run through hail stones which made for an unenjoyable run but I ran none the less. Day 20, the day I finished up work for Christmas and ran 5.5km before heading off to babysit my nephews.

Someone at work must be reading my blog as I got this from my Secret Santa and no-one I know has owned up - NICE ONE :)


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