... Where your mouth is!

There is a well known saying: Put your money where your mouth is. 

You know and I know what it means... It means that if you really mean something, put something of value on the line for it - anyone can talk about something and have all the best intentions but how can I "guarantee" as best possible that this will come to fruition. By putting my money where my mouth is.

So here's the deal... I will donate €200 to charity on the evening of January 7th, 2014 if I weigh more on that day then I did last Tuesday at Weight Watchers. [12st 11.5lbs]

€200 wager!

I promise you, this is not something I am taking lightly. I think €200 is steep enough to give me the kick I need to keep myself on track. Everyone knows how tough (and long) January is, so the thoughts of being down €200 hurts.

I have picked January 7th as this is the date of my next WW meeting. I weigh in on a Tuesday as seen as the following two Tuesdays are Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, class doesn't resume until the 7th. I have posted a photo here to show what I am on my home scale (12st 12ish) which is close enough to my WW weigh in this week (12st 11.5lbs).

I do believe in the Yin &Yang of life, so for that reason I am going to add another incentive other than weight to the mix. If I am lighter than the 5lbs I put on in the last week (so that means weighing in under 12st 7lbs on January 7th), I am going to treat myself with something I have wanted for a long time but never treated myself to - A night away in the 5* Solis Lough Eske in Donegal.

So there you have it. That's my plan. Its no Excel Sheet tracking points and allocating myself 3 Rose Sweets a day along with a Skinny Vanilla Latte for a treat. I am a grown responsible adult. I am responsible for the choices I make in every part of my life - home, work, food. This is in my control. Everything I eat is in my control. The sooner I realise this and stop blaming the time of year, my lack of will power, the smell of food wafting from the kitchen or whatever excuse I come up with in my head - the better.

I am going to enjoy Christmas, enjoy the 2 weeks off work, enjoy meeting with friends, nights out and evenings in front of the fire. I am also going to enjoy running, keeping fit, active and healthy.


  1. I LOVE this! No one wants to be down €200 especially after Christmas and it would be worse again knowing that on top of that money you also spent a large amount on crazy food to eat making your ass and everything else more jiggly. But when you imagine the sheer joy of lying in a luxurious spa in Donegal sipping on some fabulous Champagne and being pampered like the Diva we deserve the food just isn't sooo appealing is it! I'm going to try and come up with some sort of wager like this that would help keep me on the straight and narrow! In fairness though my money box I started adding to in June * €1 for each day I stick to my PP or a case of toss €5/€10/€20 in it after a good week* is bursting to be open once I reach goal...think I need to hit BT/RI for a new bag :D

    I really hope Christmas goes great for you and I genuinely want you heading off to Donegal...I mean LUXURY and you'll deserve it after being so good over the festive period :)

    Merry Christmas :) Gráinne x

    1. Thanks a million Gráinne - I'll be keeping tabs on here over Christmas so hopefully my posts won't be like "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" - We'll have to keep each other in check.

      I love that you've been saving money all this time. How exciting. Do you know how much is in it?

  2. I am posting on Stephens Day I don't care I gotta for fear I do the DAWG ;) Definitely, I'm great at keeping other people in check :P

    Yeah I wish I had started doing it back in 2010 when I joined but love seeing my little tin money box, it is full I think I need to buy another one :D No definite amount but over €100 anyway because I toss a good few €5/€10 notes in and a few €20's when I was feeling great a few weeks back...seriously can't wait to crack it open...I remember I got a €100 One4All voucher last Xmas and said I couldn't spend it until I got myself back into the 12st bracket...didn't happen...it was spent a week later...how different a year is THANKFULLY...hopefully back in the 11 bracket in January...I just want to get the tin open and shop ;)

    Also quick question, one of the girl on the WW page wants me to ask you what scales are you using and where did you buy them lol? She for some reason can't post a comment as her laptop is abit dodge..I'm guessing your scales are just the usual scales but said I'd ask for her :)

    1. Ha... I don't know where the scales from. I'm crap when it comes to anything interior design-y/house related. All of that is left up to my better half.

      Maybe going forwad to 2014 you should re-plan your savings. €5/wk where you maintain. Every time you are up, donate €10 to charity. What you have left after 3/6 months, you treat yourself with.

    2. I am the same! I walk in to a shop...I like I buy...I don't remember the shops ever... :)

      That is a really good idea actually, monetary incentives keep a shopping addict going ;) I've added a second money box to the collection now as the first one is full...I'm so happy with myself this week about getting that gain reduced from holidays I'd say I've about €50 tossed in it ha...I happily do so because I know I'll be spending it at a later stage!

      The first money box will be cracked open when I reach WW goal 11st 10lbs and the second money box will be opened when I reach my own personal goal which will probably be around 11st. The €10 I would have to pay weekly for my meeting which will no longer apply after I reach goal will also be going in the money box! It'll probably take me an age to get to 11st but least I can have a good shop when I do ;)

  3. Great plan John, Fair play too you :)
    I'm taking a break for now.. I've not been great in the last few weeks but I've been "maintaining" rather than gaining! But I'll get back into it full swing come Jan.. I'm looking forward too it..
    2013 have defo been a great year for you :)

    1. I hear ya HBG on not being "on it" and maybe a break would be the best thing. I'm just afraid to let myself go for 3 weeks as I'd be afraid I wouldn't go back (if you get me). All I can do is learn from this experience and hopefully it'll teach me that I can go 3 weeks unwatched and survive :) Happy Christmas to you too. Looking forward to your blog posts when you start back

  4. I really like this approach. It's nice and "grown up," without being obsessive, which usually gets people in trouble with their goals. I wish you the best of luck! Can't wait to learn the results.


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