Scrougey McBahHumbug

This is the last working week of 2013. Not to be all Scrougey McBahHumbug but I've realised that today three weeks, I'll be sitting back at my desk wondering where the Christmas went - probably in a blur of nights out, stacked dinner plates, boxes of Roses and midnight Turkey Sandwiches. I don't for one second want to wish Christmas away, I'm just thinking about the longer term implications of a Christmas breakout.

Nyom nyom nyom

Last night was the last weight-in of 2013 and I was UP FIVE LBS. Yep, you read that right! That's only one week's damage. Yes I had my work Christmas Party and a family Christening, yes there was Mince Pies brought into the office and yes there was an open box of Roses left in the canteen all week but that's not good enough. I could be sitting at my desk in 3 weeks time over a STONE heavier if this trend continues. That is not what I want! Now while I am all for not self deprivation or spending your Christmas looking at a single bit of broccoli on your plate, I need to get a grip on myself and stop myself from spiraling out of control.

I'm raging with myself after this weeks gain. I've survived worse (and come out lighter). I just think its really hard to resist temptation when you stare it straight in the face every time you turn around. Thinking about the next three weeks I need to decide what I want. Am I going to say 'Feic it its Christmas' and just all my cares into the wind or am I going to try regain control.

The next 21 days are going to be tough - there are going to be so many choices that will present themselves to me. Think about it... There will be:
  • 21 breakfasts
  • 21 lunches
  • 21 dinners
  • 21 nights out/visiting friends/in front of the TV
  • 21 days at home 

Throw in the countless:
  • Open boxes of Roses/Celebrations/Quality Street
  • Mince Pies
  • Irish Coffees
  • Tins of Biscuits

I need a plan!


  1. Look at what you achieved this year rather than the 5lbs. Not many people can say they're run a marathon! You inspired me so much this year and it was because of you that I took up running again. I know you will get goal at some stage in 2014! Have a great Christmas!


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