Magazine Hat Trick...

So today at lunch time, I stopped in to my local Spar to grab a yogurt for my post-lunch treat (I know, I know... I lead such an exciting life!). I was in a bit of a hurry for no reason other than it was lunch and I wanted to plonk myself at home for an hour. As I went in the door, the sandwich lady came up to me and said "I saw you in the magazine, you look incredible!" *cue me going bright red*

I grabbed my yogurt and headed for the counter where the lady at the checkout said "I saw you in this months magazine". *cue me going even redder*

Praise be to whoever was looking down on me that I didn't have a half eaten Moro hanging out of my mouth rather I just had an Organic Natural Yogurt. I don't know why the thoughts of people who I know from my periphery life make me more shy about knowing my story when at the end of the day, I put it up here for everyone to read.

Anyway *cue shameless plug* if you happen across this months issue of Galway Now magazine, have a gawk through it and you might just see me :)

 That's not me on the front cover... I'm sassy (but not that sassy!)

It was Phil, my WW leader who asked me if I would take part in the photo shoot and I jumped at the opportunity. Not because I secretly aspire to be a model or anything, but simply because I cannot believe I have been asked. I imagine its like asking a piece of chalk to become cheese. The amount of opportunities that have come along where once I might have shied away from, I have grabbed by the horns. Anyway, I'm stashed away about half way through the magazine if you want to take a look.

I do love a good 'Before' and 'After' side by side comparison

I have some of the proofs which I'll share with ye again, but for now if you want to see the pics you can at your nearest news stand :) I can't believe I've left it nearly 2 weeks to post about this! The magazine came out on March 2nd which was the same day as the Half Marathon in Kinvara and after the initial excitement wore off, I kinda forgot about it until the ladies in the Spar said it today. Funnily enough, this evening I got a text from a friend who unexpectedly saw me in the mag while she was at the hairdressers!

My 15 minutes of fame must surely be over by now... I've been in a Sunday World supplement, a Doctors waiting room magazine and now a local magazine publication... Ding ding ding! It's a hat trick! The only thing left for me now is Vogue surely *bows out gracefully* but I'll still be around don't worry! Ye haven't gotten rid of me that easily :)


  1. Well done. You have come a long way.... literally.

  2. Brilliant... its great that their showcasing your success :) Be proud :)

  3. I'm sure Anna Wintour will be on to you ASAP John ;) Go you! Great to see all your hard work being recognised plus not many can say they've appeared in three magazines! Hope the marathon training is going well :)

    1. Thanks a mill Gra. How is your running going? Loving all your IG updates...


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