Three Weeks till Marathon #2

So I've been following my Marathon Training plan, maybe not to the same level of detail I did last year when training for Dublin, but I'm finally here - The taper! The taper basically is the 3 weeks before the marathon where you run less and rest more with the intention being to give your body time to repair itself. I hadn't planned on running my last long run yesterday, it just kinda happened that way. 

Basically there was a Liverpool match on TV (snooze) which my other half was glued to so I just thought to myself 'Well if I go on my 20 miler now, I won't have to do anything tomorrow and can enjoy Paddy's Day to the max'... Within 10 minutes I was warming up with my handful of jelly babies in one pocket and my water bottle in the other. Again I decided to go with a Podcast approach as I had enjoyed it so much last time. I picked 4 podcasts at random from the 'Stuff You Should Know' series and decided to educate myself on 'How Chocolate Works', 'How Drag Queens Work', 'What makes a one-hit wonder?' and 'What would happen if the world stopped spinning?'. After each podcast I'd play 10 minutes of music just to mix it up and I have to say, it was brilliant! 

Fuel for the next 20 miles...

I ran from Oranmore out to the wall at the end of the Prom in Salthill and back in what was actually quite a tough run. My legs were tired (probably from the tough/fast 10K I had run the day before). Either way, bang on the 3 hour mark I made it back home from my last 20 miler before Connemarathon. This was my 4th 20 miler in the lead up to the marathon (as opposed to 3 the last time) and I feel confident that despite not covering as many miles as before, I've run as best as I could have and just have to trust in the miles I've clocked up.

Sunday's Run

On April 6th, when I stand at the start line for the Connemarathon it'll just be me. Last time I was running around Dublin and knew friends and family would be sprinkled around the course. I knew Brad and Phil were running it too. I knew I had the determination in me to complete the course (even if it meant crawling across the finish line). I knew people would be waiting for me. I was raising money for charity at the same time and I was accountable for that too.

This time it's just for me. And I'm excited for that. I'm also a little bit scared too. I haven't heard one person say 'Oh Connemara is a GREAT course', its usually 'Jeez god that's tough' or 'Isnt there a mental hill near the end?'. Eek! That being said, I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that running any marathon course was easy. 

I'm psyched and I'm ready... but first I taper! 


  1. I can't believe you're able to run so far on a handful of jellybeans!

    I'm guilty of scaremongering about the Connemarathon, but I'm jealous of the sense of achievement you're gonna get from it. Just think how easy the next marathon will feel after that! ;)

    Love the quote in the last image.

    1. Ah thanks Bradders! Its not you thats scaremongering me, its everywhere I look. Was on today and someone said "that last hill is as bad as everyone says". F**K!

      I'll just put my blinkers on and ignore the fact it's there until the day and until I get to it. Then I'll probably cry.

  2. I am definitely trying the podcast approach. I do much better when I can focus on something other than how far/how much time is left. Are you worried about not being able to wear headphones for the marathon? I know the reason behind it but it is a big block for me from signing up for one of the big races, I need the distraction and reminders of my pace etc!

    1. I have never not been allowed wear headphones at a race. They all say it as its to ensure you can hear direction from marshals on the route but I've never ever been stopped. Go for it :) Just don't have your music blasting so you can hear traffic/people where necessary :)


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