Want a look inside my Marathon Kit?

I've just finished packing my bag for Tralee and I've realised I don't travel light. As long as I have my runners, shorts, a number of t-shirts (as it depends on the weather tomorrow morning whether I'll go long sleeve or short, under-armour or not), Garmin watch, headphones, phone and RoadID - I'm happy. (Will all that weigh me down?)

I'm packing something a little extra to get me through the 26.2 miles on Sunday as I've just seen the participant numbers. There are 360 doing the Full Marathon so I'm expecting it to be a lot of me on my own. I remember Connemara was twice that number and I was on my own for the first half (before meeting the Half Marathon runners). Around the same number took part in the Marconi Half Marathon and it was just myself and the pacer for most of it. I'd rather be over-prepared instead of wishing I'd brought some things along to help me on my way. This is what I've packed:

1. New Podcasts - I have more Jillian Michaels, RuPaul & Serial. These are my typical weekly long-run go-tos so I know I can rely on them to keep me trucking on. Jillian can be great for the inspiration and motivation, RuPaul is always great for a chuckle and Serial... well, half way through I still think Adnan is innocent.

2. AudioBooks - Amy Poehler's autobiography & The Collectors (Short Story) by Philip Pullman but narrated by Bill Nighy. I've never listened to an audio book before but thanks to my new Audible subscription, I have two lined up and ready to go should I need them.

3. New Music - Thanks Madonna, Marina & The Diamonds & Kelly Clarkson. I have picked my own personal highlight from each of their albums here:

Madonna - Iconic

Marina & The Diamonds - Blue

Kelly Clarkson - War Paint

So that's it... I've my bags packed and I'm Tralee bound with Brad, Rob & Cathal. I'm a mixed bag of nerves and excitement. I'm ready for 9am tomorrow. I've been putting the work in since Christmas and my legs are ready to run. Parts of it will be tough, parts of it won't be fun but I'm ready for it. I can't wait to get that medal across the finish line.


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