Be Safe... Be Seen... for Free!

Free! Yes, you heard me right! But no need to thank me, thank the Road Safety Authority. The sobering fact remains that more than two-thirds of fatal pedestrian collisions happen at night. With the days getting shorter coming in to Winter, I have found it's dark in the morning when I get up, and dark by the time I get home from work meaning that if I want to go out for a walk/run, I need to be prepared. I need to be seen.

The RSA recommend the following:

  • Always wear a pair of reflective armbands, high-visibility belt or other reflective or fluorescent clothing which will help you to be seen from a distance
  • Carry a torch on country roads

Well, while I was on the RSA website, I came across their order service which is free. Don't be lousy now and order more than you need. I've seen people brag online about getting "boxes of bibs" which is just ridiculous. You only need one. You can order high vis running bibs, armbands, bag covers, bags here for free. I ordered two running bibs and armbands on Monday - one for me, one for my other half. They arrived yesterday which is pretty quick turnaround time :)

Last month, I bought a head lamp in Halfords for €3 (shur where'd ya be going?) as there are no street lights around the roads near where I live. So if I wanted to go for an early morning walk with the dog or a post-work run, I have to drive somewhere safe to begin with (like the park or the prom etc) which makes going out in the first place even more of an ordeal. This way I have no excuse - it'll be just like Summer (apart from the cold... and the rain... and the darkness...).

Now that you know you can Be Safe - Be Seen for free*... You have NO excuse! 

(*well... in my case it cost €2.99)