The Winner Takes It All...

Congratulations to all of the winners from last nights Blog Awards. Unfortunately it wasn't to be my year... Congratulations to Sports News Ireland who won Best Sport/Recreation Blog (the category I was a finalist in) and to all other winners across the board. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I really am quite chuffed. I'm a one man operation around here so to be nominated alongside the likes of Elverys and other Sports blogs which are run by 8+ people really is quite a honour. I just can't tell if it means I blog too much or not though :p

I do find it quite funny to be nominated in things like this as I honestly feel like I'm just over here on my little box just writing about my own journey and experiences. I'd nearly bore myself if I had to read them back, so thank you! Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for coming back.

And while Abba may have sang about the winner taking it all while the loser stands small... I disagree! I don't write this blog to win awards or to preach from a height at people who are struggling with their weight/weight watchers. I stand beside you. I have my ups and downs, my successes and frustrations. If one person finds even a sliver of inspiration from my story or blog... then I have won really! How many blogs can say that? :)

No I think YOU are amazing!


  1. Fantastic, and well done to get nominated.

  2. Thanks for standing beside me John - I truly get great inspiration from your blog. I am struggling badly at the moment but keep trying to jump back on the wagon and reading your words gives me the will to just keep going as best I can and this has helped me not gain weight at least. You may not have won an award but know in my mind you have already struck gold with your weightloss and running. Long may you continue encouraging me and others to keep going :)

    1. Thanks Georgia. Like I said above, I find it all a bit mental that people take motivation from my blog. I read so many other blogs that give me such fuel and fire to continue that I am honoured really to think mine does the same :) I know it can be tough at times but other times when "on the wagon" its so much easier. These hard times are the ones you have to work through but you know it'll all be worth it on the other side

  3. You are a winner to us JQ. Congrats again on getting to the final

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