Bye Bye Obesity...

Thirty weeks ago, my BMI looked like this:

That was when I weighed over 19st... As you know, I have been working hard at both my weight-loss and fitness so today I calculated my BMI:

While I have knocked 25% off my BMI, I am still 'Clinically Obese'... but not for much longer!

My overall goal from here on out is to:

1) Continue losing & maintain my weight-loss
2) Be faster, better, stronger, healthier

I had a quick google of the health risks associated with obesity which grabbed my attention - This chart fro WebMD certainly scared me considering I was classified as Obesity III (Extreme) which put me in the Extremely High Risk category

I hope to start April (and the rest of my life) never being obese again. I am on the cusp of moving from the Obesity category into the Overweight category which I can totally cope with.

That's the good news. The bad news is: I have another 30lbs to go to reach 'Healthy'.


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