The end (of March) is nigh...

As Week 3 of March comes to a close, I have been reviewing my progress on my March plan... Basically I just want to see if I should bother buying an Easter Egg or not! The goal was to run 100km tracked by my Nike Running app. Today [March 24th], my March tally is at 66.5km.


My excuse for being so far behind with a week to go is that I was sick this week. (If anyone says man-flu isn't real - they are dead to me!).

Right now I am thinking:

Now - all is not lost as I have also accrued numerous Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred's and have clocked up over 61km walking this month. I am 7lbs lighter today than I was at the start of the month. That's my silver lining. 

I also have my next 10k at the end of this week - I am taking part in the Eamon Moloney 10K in Ennis on Easter Saturday... My goal for that is to come in under the hour mark. I'm even going to be as bold as to hope to come in somewhere in the 55-57 minute window :)