Round 2 (Ding Ding!)

Hard to believe that at the start of this month I had never run in ANY kind of race before - now here I am at at the end of March about to head off on my second 10K.

I am running in the first Eamon Moloney Memorial 10K in Ennis tomorrow morning. 'Why Ennis?' you may be thinking - we'll... Its my home-turf - so why not?

I am actually really looking forward to this - and I'm delighted to have signed up for it. As you know, a gang of us from work signed up for the Kinvara 10K and there was great motivation flying around between us at work getting ready for it. A lot of the gang have since not run since Kinvara while I have been going at it like a loon :)

I feel more confident and ready for this - and now I have my Kinvara time to beat (61mins). I am running this for myself - to beat myself. I don't care where I finish in terms of overall rankings - that has never been my concern. I am however looking forward to improving on my time. Here's hoping all my work this month pays off.

Talk to ye all on the flip-side :)

Pssst: I also get to run past my parents house, so fully expect to see my dog at the window waiting for me to pass