Week 1 Reviewed - Plan for Week 2

The plan made for Week 1 was as follows:

Here is what I actually did:

As you can see I stuck to the plan as scheduled and got my cross-training, runs and walks in. I decided to mix it up and bit and try hit new routes for my run. On Saturday we hit Ballybrit Racecourse and ran a few laps. Nothing makes you feel like Shergar more than circling a horse track but it was good and I was surprised at the amount of other people running.

Is fitness like pregnant women? You know those weeks when you just see pregnant woman after pregnant woman - everywhere you look, it's like the population is doubling as every woman in Ireland is carrying! I took yesterday (Sunday) off as a Rest Day - Well, I had planned it that way as I knew it was Mothers Day and I would be heading home to see my own Mam. On the 45 minute drive home, I must have passed about 20 cyclists! I have never seen that many cyclists on the road before in my life.

I really must get myself sorted with a bike as I am pretty sure it is something I would love to do at the weekends when it is daylight. A friend (Thanks Michelle) loaned me her bike which is still sitting in the shed thanks to the dark mornings & evenings and my focus on running for the 10k - but now that I am scheduling in Cross-Training, I think it is something I should reconsider.

Also, my run tally for March to date is just over 25k - Thanks to the previous Saturday's 10k run in Kinvara. I'm one week in and 25% of the way towards my March goal - The reward for hitting 100k will be any Easter Egg I want as a treat to myself for my running. I'm already in the selection process American Idol style of eliminating Easter Eggs I don't want :)

Anyway, my plan for this week (Week 2 of March) is as follows:

As you can see, I have added Interval training this week and some 'Easy' runs. The thought of an easy run still makes me laugh but hopefully you know what I mean - they will be runs at an average pace which will still result in me sweating buckets but I won't push myself on time/distance.

Also, as it's Paddy's weekend coming up, I am hitting Dublin after the last Amphibian King Couch-to-5K morning this coming Saturday morning where we will race 5k along the coast road and be timed. I think that will be interesting as I will push myself to get my best 5k time (Currently stands at 30 minutes).