4 Days to Go...

The Rock and Road is only 4 days away (eeeek!) and I have to admit, I'm kinda excited for it! I probably won't be saying that come 12.05pm on Saturday but for now, I am excited! I had no update for ye yesterday as I took Monday as a "rest day" following Sunday's epic run with Clair & Yvonne.

Sean from Amphibian King emailed me today (which was lovely) with some training advice in the run up to Saturday. He has advised I do the following:

Tuesday: Tempos session 5mins warmup jog, 2 x 10 minutes @ 5:45/km with 6 minutes recovery @ 6:15/km, cool down jog & stretch. Total 42mins about 7k
Pace is faster than your 10k race pace but not so fast that it's uncomfortable. Recovery is still fast enough, getting legs used to working when tired. Have a water bottle & something to eat before hand.

Wednesday: nice steady Homework session 1 aim for 30mins and 5k

Thursday: no need for intervals this close to the weekend. Repeat homework aiming for 40mins steady and 6.5k

Friday: recovery walk / slow jog for 20 ins max! Stretch session. Not too big a meal & early to bed, have gear ready for the morning.

Allow yourself a 10 minute warmup finishing 30mins before the event.

So who am I to argue with a professional! After work this evening I went to Weight Watchers (as I do at 6 every Tuesday evening) where I was delighted to find out I was down another 4lbs (TOOT TOOT!) bringing me down 61lbs in total in 26 weigh-ins. I'm delighted. I also got my 50lbs cert which is now sitting on my mantle for the world to see:

After Weight Watchers I ditched my work clothes and threw on my trackie bottoms and hit the road! As I jogged past one of the local shops I noticed a school bag beside the door. Weird I thought to myself as the shop was closed and there wasn't a soul to be seen. On my way back, the bag was still there, so I done my good deed for the day and brought it home with me. I'll drop it up to the school tomorrow and some kid will probably hate me for re-uniting him with his school bag but feck it! It's better than leaving it out to get wet/frozen overnight. 

Anyway, that's all from me for now. I'm off to lie on the couch now and stare at my Weight Watchers cert watch some TV. 

Also, if you do want to sponsor me for Saturday's 10K, here is the link :) I'm over 60% of the way towards my target! http://www.mycharity.ie/event/jq10k/


  1. can I add my weight loss to this or have I still too far to go

    after all you are my inspiration


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