Busting Records... and my Leg!

With my first 10K a little over a week away, I just thought I better update ye with what is going on. I went for a few runs 5-6K over the week and am happy that I have consistently come in around the 31minute mark for 5K(which I am extremely chuffed with). I've been set the challenge by a friend to get that down to 25mins by June so that is something to work towards! (Eeek!)

In other happy news, On Tuesday, I passed the 4st loss mark since re-joining Weight Watchers... I was so happy sticking my 8th Silver 7 into my book. 

I could just look at those shiny glistening 7's all day :)

I was out for a run on Monday evening and about half way through I felt my left leg twinge... Instead of stopping or taking it easy, what did I do? Yep, kept on truckin' along. By the time I got home my leg muscle was tight and sore :( I've been smathered in Deep Heat since (I reckon I smell like a GAA Locker Room at Half Time - not that I actually know what a GAA Locker Room smells like but you know what I mean).

I've spent the past two days not doing any walking or running just to give it a chance to fix itself *fingers crossed* as I plan on getting back out on the road by the weekend as I've lined up a running session with some friends on Sunday morning. I've been advised by friends to stay off my leg as much as possible for the next few days hence my inactivity! 

It's kind of funny as after my run on Monday (the one which bust my leg), I bust something else... I passed those magic numbers 9-0-4-6...

Now before you get too excited looking at the figure above, it's accumulative. So my 181.9km minus the 90.46km from January is... 91.44km in 20 days! Considering my January figure was 90.46 in 31 days, I'm delighted with myself! Wonder what that figure will be by the end of the month... Suppose it depends on my leg but here's hoping it's higher than 100km :)

Chat soon,